We have humanely processed our own chickens for over a year. During this time we had several people sample our chicken. They said it was the best chicken they ever had because of the flavor and asked us to start selling them! We use slow growing Freedom Ranger chickens (derived from American and European heritage breeds). These active, robust chickens love foraging on our pastures and are supplemented with the best Non-GMO/organic, non-soy feed available. They produce tender, succulent meat with more yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than fast growing breeds (found in commercial chicken houses and some family farms). We truly believe it is not possible to find a better raised or better tasting chicken.

Chicken Pricing

Whole Chicken$4.75 per lb (avg 4 lbs)
Breasts (boneless/skinless)$12 (2/pk, avg 1lb/pk)
Legs & Thighs (quarters)$8 (2/pk, avg 1.75lb/pk)
Wings$5.00 (6/pk, avg 2lb/pk)


Our hens have more than 100 acres of organically managed pasture and woods to forage on from dawn to dusk. Our beautiful hens lay delicious dark brown, light brown, white and blue-green eggs that come from Barred Rock, Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucanas, Brown Leghorns, and Novagens.

Egg carton top

Pretty eggs from happy chicks!

Chicken approved carton!

Baby Chicks

New Country Organics

Chicken Feed Closeup
Feed Room
Chickens being fed

We supplement the hens’ organic forage with the highest quality non-GMO/organic, soy-free feed available.  We want the highest quality feed that produces the highest quality eggs possible for both our family and yours.


Egg Pricing

$5.50 per dozen



Available on Maxwell AFB during the week for Montgomery customers. Hit the contact us tab to set-up delivery for other locations such as Prattville, Millbrook, Wetumpka, etc.

Egg Carton




Our chestnuts come from our Alabama trees that have been well managed and free of any chemicals. Our family hand harvests, inspects and packs each chestnut to produce the highest quality product possible.

Elijah harvesting chestnuts

Virginia harvesting Chestnuts

Jeremiah harvesting Chestnuts

Our next harvest will be in August 2018!  You can order by emailing us or going to our Local Harvest online store at


Alabama-Grown Chestnuts at the N.T. Christian Farm are sweet tasting and remain a flavorful Gluten-Free food that is a treat for everyone including those with wheat allergies. Chestnuts have the lowest fat content of any edible nut. Chestnuts are full of vitamins, B-complexes including folates, and many minerals. Chestnuts have always been and will always remain an excellent food. Those looking for an all-natural product that is low in calories and has no preservatives will find chestnuts to be a delicious food.


Chestnut Pricing   

$6.00 per pound

U-Pick Chestnuts: We offer u-pick chestnuts on select days during the harvest season. Check out our Facebook page for dates and details. Also give us a call before you come so we can confirm availability and provide driving directions.

Chestnut Shipping: We ship USPS First Class anywhere in the United States. This is the most economical means to ship your chestnuts to you and usually the quickest way possible. With the USPS Flat Rate program we are able to ship up to 10 pounds of chestnuts anywhere in the United States for $10.00. Note: For orders over 10 pounds, please e-mail us for a shipping cost estimate.
Note: we only ship on Monday or Tuesday to ensure you receive the freshest product.

Information about our chestnuts: Our fresh in-shell chestnuts are refrigerated immediately upon harvest. They are not left to dry out and mold under the tree or stacked in harvesting crates outside. Our attention to detail assures the highest possible quality of our chestnuts.


Chestnut Storage Tips: Chestnuts’ high moisture and starch content, makes them a perishable food. They must be kept refrigerated and not allowed to dry out. At 32 degrees F., chestnuts will store for many months. For best results, keep fresh chestnuts refrigerated in a re-sealable plastic bag/net. Punch a few holes in the bag, allowing the nuts to ‘breathe’. Place the bag in your refrigerator drawer, flipping it over occasionally.  Acceptable mold, that may happen, will look like black spots on the brown shell. The mold can be rinsed or wiped off, as long as the inner nut kernel remains fresh and yellow. The taste of raw fresh uncooked chestnuts, without the outer soft shell and inner pellicle (a paper thin covering right next to the yellow kernel, should have the consistency of an uncooked carrot or potato. When cooked, the kernel will soften. If the chestnut is undercooked, the outside of the chestnut will be soft and the inside will be hard. If overcooked, the chestnut will dry out and harden.



Handmade Soaps


N.T. Christian Farm soaps are developed with only natural ingredients which are primarily produced in Central Alabama. Our MEGA bars are 7.5 ounces. We have many varieties of soap and can custom make your soap as well. We have rosemary, lavender, local honey/oatmeal and others available.  We use only three ingredients in our soaps: high quality essential oils, coconut oil and local grass fed tallow/lard or olive oil.  Essential oils are known for their enchanting aroma and many special uses, coconut oil and tallow/lard ensures the soap has a nice bubbly lather and remains firm even in the shower.  Many vegetarians and vegans have written about their appreciation of the use of tallow/lard in soap as a way of honoring an animal that was humanely raised on pasture.  Occasionally, we will custom make soap that uses only essential oils, coconut oil and olive oil (special pricing available for this option).


Soap List

Handmade Soaps

3 or more bars or soap$3.00 each
2 bars of soap$4.00 each
1 bar of soap$5.00

Seasonal Fruits


Have you been looking for some delicious local fruit that is grown without any pesticides or chemicals? We have several choices available.



A rich pear cross with a delicious golden crunch. Usually available in August/September.


Dixie Delights

We also offer the most scrumptious and sweet pear/apple we have ever tasted. It is our family’s absolute favorite fruit. It is called the Dixie Delight. Usually available in August/September.


Pears and Dixie Delights

10 pounds$10.00
25 pounds$20.00
35 pounds$25.00


Asian Persimmons

We also are growing a small orchard of Asian Persimmons. Even though the trees are not fully mature yet they are already producing bountifully. Check back soon to see when these will be available.