About Our Farm

Mission Statement


A commitment to raise animals, plants and trees based on creation’s design and without chemicals.


Our Values


Stewardship, Purity, and Transparency reflects what is truly important to our family. This commitment establishes an unchanging guideline for our business decisions and provides customers with expectations that can be trusted.


  • Stewardship – We follow the lead of a perfectly designed eco-system, that since it’s creation, has beautifully coordinated the symbiotic relationship between the soil, plants, trees, and animals.
  • Purity – The finest food can only come from plants, trees, and animals that are encouraged to grow and eat, live and play the way they were designed.
  • Transparency – We invite customers to come experience the difference of a farm that is managed beyond organic.


Our Farm Story


We can trace farming in our family back hundreds of years. However the last couple of generations of our family choose military service over farming. Both of our grandfathers fought in WWII. One served in the United States Army Air Corp and went in on the initial wave on D-Day. The other served in the Pacific in places like Iwo Jima. Andrew’s father also served in the United States Navy more than 25 years with distinction. We continued in the military tradition, having served in the United States Air Force more than 20 years and recently retired from Active Duty. However we now want to go back to our roots…doing honest work on the farm. We are thankful to Jesus, the country we serve and you for making that possible.

Thank you for reading part of our story. We hope you will allow us to get to know your story and serve your family.


To learn more about New Testament (N.T.) Christians go to www.sftruth.org/cc.al and https://www.worldbibleschool.org/